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Dutch sailing fleet

Covid-19 has damaged the financial basis for the survival of historic Dutch sailing vessels.

Sailing canal boats

Very interesting account. And here’s the Hudson Sloop Club.

High heels

High …

… heels

PS if you’re the man on the mast, and want copies of the pic above and others, leave a Comment below.




Vlets upstream of Killaloe

Sailing merchant vessels

Niall O’Brien, author of the history of the Blackwater and Bride, has set up a Facebook page about sailing merchant vessels of Ireland and Britain. Many of these used the Irish estuaries — including the Shannon, Blackwater, Barrow and Suir — and thus overlapped with inland navigation.

Some minor updates

I’ve added four photos of Dowleys quay at Ballylynch to the Middle Suir page, two recent photos of the Dunbrody to the Tidal Barrow page, one unusual boat to the Boats that are different and numerous sailing boats (including a Romilly) to the page where you would expect to find them.

Sailing boats

I’ve put up some photos of sailing boats, large and small, on Irish inland waters. There is, alas, a considerable over-representation of Lough Derg: I must take more photos elsewhere. There are several photos of Dutch steel sailing boats, including some, of lelievlets, from Nawaka in the Netherlands: these boats are also used by the Scouts near Killaloe on Lough Derg.