After the summer

I don’t really know much about politicians, local or national, but I presume that, in the summer recess, they retire to their country estates for a bit of huntin, shootin and fishin, with breaks for trips to agreeable parts of foreignlandia (Tuscany, perhaps) and with occasional visits from other gentlefolk.

At any rate, something distracts them and keeps them quiet, but summer is now giving way to autumn and, er, innovative suggestions are coming thick and fast from politicos anxious to get other people to contribute to social and economic development in their constituencies (or to get reelected, whichever comes first).

So we have one who wants a walkway across Meelick Weir and another who wants a riverbus service on the Park Canal in Limerick.

Meelick turns up in another story from the past week, by John Mulligan in the Irish Independent. But despite the silly headline and subhead, the body of the article is a thorough and balanced account of flooding on the Shannon. Mr Mulligan is to be commended.



One response to “After the summer

  1. Brian, locals at Meelick ,Eyrecourt and Lusma have had meetings re Meelick walkway. They are claiming WI closed a right of way. Meelick’s best kept secret is a pub called “The Shop” which was used a lot by Lusmites to visit said pub. It meant that they didn’t have to go to Banagher for a drink.

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