Hurrah for the red, white and orange

Colour discrimination seems to be rampant in Ireland. Of the sets of colours [red, white and blue] and [green, white and orange], there is Official Endorsement of two, green and blue, while red, white and orange are ignored. Even the North/South Ministerial Council has got in on the act, with a whole page on its website about greenways and blueways. They must have been overdosing on the Erne flag. Their page is a list of links, sort of plonked there without context or explanation, but there’s probably some hands-across-the-borderism or something going on.

I read in the Guardian today of a proposal for a greenway on the former railway line between Roscrea and Portumna via Birr. And a jolly good thing too, but how many greenways and blueways can one small island accommodate? How thinly will the tourists be spread? And what about those of us who hate walking, cycling, kayaking and other such energetic pursuits?

8 responses to “Hurrah for the red, white and orange

  1. When I read that it was reported in the Guardian, I wondered why the UK press would be interested in rural Ireland. I didn’t realise that you were being parochial ;)

  2. Nenagh … Manchester … occupying similar places as second cities of their respective realms perhaps? bjg

  3. When I grew up in Northern Ireland the Irish flag was known as Green, White and Gold. Couldn’t have Orange associated with it I suppose.

  4. I think the gold comes from songs [Wikipedia agrees] but orange is correct. bjg

  5. Of course, the primary reason that there is a focus on Greenways is that there no right of access to roam in Ireland.

  6. No pope here? bjg

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  8. “No pope here” – chance would be a fine thing!

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