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Fish in canal shock

I see from the blatts (or at least from the Cork Examiner) that there is much free food to be had in the Tralee Ship Canal, which has, it is said, “Literally millions of sprat and mackerel” as well as eels, baby ray and shrimp. According to the story,

Kerry County Council said engineers were meeting yesterday to find a resolution and to organise a clean up.

Perhaps a call to Captain Birdseye?

Never mind the jellyfish …

… worry about the nutcracker fish [movie] instead. The pacu, usually vegetarian, has been found in Sweden and, now, in the Seine in Paris. It’s getting closer ….

Lunch …

… at Dromaan

… at Dromineer

The Suir Navigation

News reaches us that the fisheries folk, who were threatening to block the Suir (Carrick to Clonmel) navigation with a weir so that they could count fish, have removed the material they had put on site without planning permission. Let joy be unconfined (but let not vigilance be relaxed).