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The Dublin gondola

Letter in the Irish Times here.

Dublin’s City Bason in 1776

I have added this description, from Richard Twiss’s A Tour in Ireland in 1775 with a Map, and a View of the Salmon-Leap at Ballyshannon [London 1776] to my second page on the abandoned Main Line of the Grand Canal in Dublin:

The city bason is a reservoir, capable of holding water to supply the city for some weeks, when the springs from whence it is filled are dry; both the springs and the reservoir were dry whilst I was in Dublin. In 1765 a canal was begun to be cut from this place, and intended to be continued to Athlone, which is about seventy English miles off, in order to open a communication with the Shannon; at the rate the work is at present carried on it bids fair for being completed in three or four centuries.


This Irish Times article might explain why Dublin City Council did not respond to my communication about the condition of the curved building at Grand Canal Harbour.