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The Dublin to Galway ship canal

Another h/t to Ewan Duffy for the link to this Galway Independent article about the proposed Dublin to Galway ship canal. I was impressed to note that it covers Edward Watkin‘s late nineteenth century for a Dublin to Galway ship canal, which would save transatlantic steamers from having to go north or south of Ireland when travelling between Britain and America. It was, of course, a completely insane proposal; as some folk pointed out at the time, only Liverpool steamers found Ireland an obstacle and, being capable of 20 knots or so, might actually lose time by having to travel at 3 knots and through locks on a canal instead of steaming north or south about.

Incidentally, the article mentions the Panama Canal, which joins the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. So which ocean is at its western end?

Victoria’s secrets

Her Late Majesty Victoria, by the grace of god of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland Queen, had at least two locks named after her on this island: one at Meelick on the Shannon and the other at Upper Fathom on the Newry Ship Canal. This page gives a brief account of the canal’s history; it has links at the bottom to six pages (made up almost entirely of photographs) on aspects of the lock and its operation. Several of those aspects are not clear to me and I would welcome enlightenment about both the former manual operations and the current hydraulic operations.

Tralee again

Tim Boddington has very kindly sent me some photos taken when the lock was being restored. Amazingly, it wasn’t raining at the time. Many thanks to Tim; I’ve added some of his photos to the Tralee page.

Tralee Ship Canal

Tralee Ship Canal, about 2 km long, links the town of Tralee, in County Kerry, to the sea. It might be the most westerly canal in Europe (query Belmullet).

The canal was restored recently, courtesy of the taxpayer, but seems to be little used. It has a sea lock (but no other locks) and a swivel bridge. Here are some photos taken on a very wet and windy day.