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Another estuary quay

Here is a page about Ringmoylan, a quay on the south side of the estuary.


White flour

A few minutes past two o’clock in the evening of Wednesday, the 6th instant, the Dover Castle left Glin [that should read Limerick] for Tarbert, with between 30 and 40 persons on board, including some of the Glin police.


The route of the Dover Castle (OSI 25″ ~1900)

When she reached the pool, she took a large brig and a schooner in tow, which she took as far as Grass Island. She then continued her course, and when about three miles west of Ring Moylan quay, a thick fog came like a wall upon her, so that it was impossible to see half the length of the deck.

Captain White immediately dropped anchor, and was obliged to remain so. The fog continuing all night and the next day.

About two o’clock on Thursday, there being no appearance of the fog clearing off, and several persons on board having eaten nothing since Wednesday morning, two women fainted, and the circumstance having been communicated to the captain, he immediately ordered the steward to open a bag of flour, and served it out in large buckets to the women, who, in a short time, had large cakes made, and baked them for the passengers.

At half-past four o’clock the fog began to clear, and at five the steamer weighed anchor, and reached Kilrush in safety.

Statesman and Dublin Christian Record
19 January 1841 quoting Limerick Standard

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Losing the head

Just for a change, I’ve put up a new header photo showing a Shannon 1. The photo was taken from Shannon Airport; you can see Ringmoylan Quay on the far side of the river and the beacon on the right is (I think) on the Horse Rock.

Shannon 1 design

If you don’t like hanging around airports, Shannon offers you a choice: you can go and look at the estuary instead, which is much more interesting.

Shannon Foynes Port Company workboat Shannon 1 passing Shannon Airport; Ringmoylan Pier in the background

Shannon 1, the successor to Curraghgour II, is a Damen MultiCat.

Shannon Foynes Port Company has updated its website.